The European platform for corporate renewable energy sourcing

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The RE-Source Calling! series: join industry leaders as they chat about renewable power procurement and the current situation of the renewable energy market

Join RE-Source, the European platform for corporate renewable energy buyers and suppliers, for a series of interactive webinars between leaders in the renewable energy field and green energy buyers. We will be discussing often overlooked or misunderstood issues around renewable power procurement (PPAs), as well as what the current coronavirus crisis means for renewable energy corporate sourcing. Don’t forget to add the dates to your diary!

Watch out for more upcoming RE-Source Calling! webinars, including:

  • The European Recovery Plan and its role in strengthening renewable energy infrastructure Date to be confirmed
  • Operating and maintaining renewable energy plants after the coronavirus crisis: the future of the work environment Date to be confirmed
  • The effect of the crisis on credit risks and the impact on long-term financing Date to be confirmed

Completed RE-Source Calling! webinars (Follow link to watch event)

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