RE-Source 2022
"It's very important that once a year all the different actors in the corporate PPA world can meet to share ideas. It's good to have an annual event where we can keep track of new developments in renewable energy."
- Marco Perona | CEO for Southern Europe & Australia, RES
6-7 October 2022 | Amsterdam, The Netherlands
RE-Source 2022
"This has saved me transaction costs. I can meet multiple buyers and sellers here. It's a great thing!"
- Luca Pedretti | COO & Co-Founder, Pexapark
6-7 October 2022 | Amsterdam, The Netherlands
RE-Source 2022
“It's exciting to see more people joining - especially more buyers.”
- Caroline Brunelsen | Founder & Global Head Instatrust, New Energy Ventures, DNV GL
6-7 October 2022 | Amsterdam, The Netherlands
RE-Source 2022
"I've taken many lessons away. It has helped me to assess whether we're on the right track in terms of understanding the corporate and industrial purchaser requirements and their mindset."
- Muhammad Malik | Founder, NeuerEnergy
6-7 October 2022 | Amsterdam, The Netherlands
RE-Source 2022
"It creates a new level of understanding. You bring a lot of the system makers directly in contact with each other. This event is about doing business, doing deals and making an impact."
- Tom Lindberg | Managing Director, ECOHZ
6-7 October 2022 | Amsterdam, The Netherlands
RE-Source 2022
"There's a great balance of buyers and sellers here, with parties from all different sides including investors, policy makers and manufacturers. This peer to peer meeting space allows participants to work out new business models, concepts and visions."
- Schulze Sudhoff | Service Director for Central Europe, GE Renewable Energy
6-7 October 2022 | Amsterdam, The Netherlands
RE-Source 2022
"Over the last two years this Event has done an amazing job in educating the marketplace and in creating a forum for exchange of ideas around what a corporate PPA should look like and how we can innovate further."
- Vanessa Miler-Fels | Director in Energy Innovation & Impact, Microsoft
6-7 October 2022 | Amsterdam, The Netherlands

6-7 October, Amsterdam

Direct sourcing of renewables – the key for Europe’s energy competitiveness, security and climate goals

The RE-Source event is the largest annual gathering in Europe of renewable energy buyers and suppliers. With more markets opening up to the corporate renewable sourcing opportunity, RE-Source 2022 is the perfect platform to network, learn and do business with key players from the renewable energy world.

With its REPowerEU action plan from May 2022, the European Commission strives to achieve energy security and independence in the next few years. The geopolitical shock of Russia’s invasion into Ukraine is felt across Europe in the form of a dramatic rise of fossil energy prices. The stability offered by Power Purchase Agreements is now more valuable than ever – and will be one of the main themes of RE-Source 2022.

Whether you are an experienced buyer or seller, or new to this sphere, this event will have relevant content for you. Each day will be customised to the different needs and interests of our participants, with three days  filled with sessions, workshops and roundtables on various topics:

  • The impact of the energy and climate crisis on renewable energy procurement
  • Tips to get a PPA approved by your CFO
  • Supply Chain Scope 3
  • How can we deliver on Europe’s new energy targets?
  • How to make PPAs suitable for SMEs
  • PPA pricing strategies
  • On-site solar
  • Energy intensive industries on the supply challenge
  • Grid development to foster RES and PPAs
  • Regional updates
  • Heat as a service
  • Using procurement to maximise system sustainability
  • 24/7: next level ambition for full grid decarbonisation
  • Repowering cities and communities
  • The contract challenge for renewable hydrogen
  • Cross-border PPAs
  • Renewable heat
  • Energy certificates

The waiting list is closed. We are sold out!

Thank you for your interest in RE-Source 2022. Although we wish we could provide more tickets, unfortunately, we do not have the capacity to do so. If you could not buy a ticket this time, we hope to see you next year!

The B2B Matchmaking meetings at RE-Source provide a unique opportunity for renewable energy buyers and clean energy suppliers to connect and find potential new collaboration partners to meet their energy needs.

"The B2B matchmaking is an excellent opportunity to (re-)connect numerous key players in the renewable energy field in no time. A morning well-spent to extend our network, accelerating Borealis’ renewable electricity sourcing towards 100% by 2030!"
Ouafik El Kasmioui
Group Sourcing Manager Energy & Utilities, Borealis

"The B2B Matchmaking session was a great experience, which I’d highly recommend to anyone involved in RES sourcing – whether they’re a buyer or a seller. The format makes it very easy to break the ice, meet people, and establish contacts that can lead to RES sourcing possibilities. Overall, the RE-Source event is the perfect platform to facilitate co-operation between buyers and sellers of renewable energy. This is exactly the sort of co-operation we need to promote in order to decarbonize our economy"
Nicholas Bitsios
Head of Brussels Office, Mytilineos


We are excited to go back to the iconic Okura Hotel!

Please check preferential room rates here. Be aware this is limited and it’s on first come, first served basis.

Address: Ferdinand Bolstraat 333. 1072 LH Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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