RE-Source Bulgaria launches

The Association for Production, Storage and Trading of Electricity – APSTE, the Bulgarian Wind Energy Association (BGWEA) and the leading European forum for corporate renewable energy sourcing, RE-Source Platform, are pleased to announce the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to collaborate in promoting corporate sourcing of renewable energy in Bulgaria and the greater region of South-Eastern Europe.

Sofia-based APSTE and BGWEA have joined forces with the founding members of the RE-Source Platform to establish a local RE-Source Hub to encourage knowledge sharing and drive forward policy and market developments as well as business collaborations in corporate renewable energy sourcing, first in Bulgaria but with the ambition to quickly expand regionally in South-Eastern Europe.

The regional hub for South-Eastern Europe will similarly seek to offer a knowledge and business exchange platform for renewable energy buyers and sellers as well as to engage with policy-makers to enable the successful energy transition of the region via the development of new, competitively-priced renewable energy assets.

“We at the RE-Source Platform are delighted to be collaborating with APSTE and BGWEA and commend their leadership in Southeast Europe. We’re looking forward to working together to enable the corporate PPA market in Bulgaria and the greater region to grow and flourish,” said Hannah Hunt, Impact Director at the RE-Source Platform.

“This strategic partnership is consistent with our mission to advocate for and advance technologies and business models for the production, transmission, distribution, storage and trade of renewable energy. We are delighted to pioneer the establishment of a RE-Source hub in South-Eastern Europe and even hope to be able to organize the first networking event for the growing community of companies looking to procure renewable energy this autumn,” said Nikola Gazdov, Chairman of the Board of APSTE.

“BGWEA is glad to be part of the initiating RE-Source Hub in the Balkans. We highly appreciate and looking forward to the future cooperation with partners sharing our vision for developing sustainable energy sector and offering carbon-free electricity to companies and households at a competitive price,” said Miglena Stoilova,  Chairperson of the Supervisory Board of BGWEA.

About the organisations:                                           

APSTE is a not-for-profit association, based in Bulgaria, providing policy advocacy, research, and analysis, supporting the development and market integration of renewable energy and energy storage technologies in Bulgaria.

BGWEA is a not-for-profit association, providing support of wind energy and other renewable energy source, working towards improvement of the legislative, regulatory, political and public framework and support for the use of wind energy, distributing expert knowledge on the use of wind energy in Bulgaria.

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