COP28: Global clean energy buyers call for a tripling of renewable electricity capacity by 2030

4th December 2023

Corporate clean energy buyers are urging world leaders at COP28 to agree on a global target to triple renewable electricity capacity by 2030[1].

In an open letter released today corporate clean energy buyers call for a unified global effort to achieve a shared renewable energy target, fostering global unity for an accelerated transition.

Corporate clean energy buyers emphasise the crucial role of corporate renewable energy procurement as a driving force in the build out of wind and solar and the transition to a renewables based grid. To date, corporates have added over 150GW of new renewables capacity to the grid.

To ensure corporations can effectively contribute to achieving this target, the open letter emphasises the willingness to work with all stakeholders to remove current regulatory barriers which prevent corporates from using more renewables.

The members of RE-Source, CEBA and ACEC join the call of global organisations including the International Renewable Energy Agency, European Commission, COP28 Presidency, International Energy Agency, and the Global Renewables Alliance. These partnerships will advance the world in meeting this ambitious goal and accelerate decarbonisation of the global energy system in this critical decade.      

[1] Open letter from over 250+ organisations calling for a target at COP28 to triple renewable energy capacity to at least 11,000 GWby 2030 –

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