Global companies are being hailed winners of the inaugural RE100 Leadership Awards at Climate Week NYC.

RE100 is a global initiative led by international non-profit the Climate Group in partnership with CDP. It now brings together more than 260 of the world’s most influential companies committed to 100% renewable power in more than 140 markets worldwide.  

The winners of the Awards, held in partnership with ENGIE North America and category partners Enel Green Power and DWS, are being announced at the first ever virtual Climate Week NYC – the time and place where the world gathers to showcase amazing climate action and discuss how to do more.

Apple, CHANEL, Iron Mountain, Novo Nordisk, Salesforce, Schneider Electric, and TSMC are independently judged to be ‘going above and beyond’ in the transition to 100% renewable power, for achievements ranging from engaging suppliers and policymakers to bringing clean energy to local communities.

RE100 Leadership Awards: the winners

Helen Clarkson, CEO, the Climate Group – organizers of Climate Week NYC, says, “Congratulations to all of our RE100 Award winners – by demonstrating what’s possible and how challenges can be overcome, you’re inspiring others and really helping to accelerate a cleaner future.

“We have to halve emissions this decade to be within a fighting chance of reach net zero by 2050. As we work to rebuild greener, stronger economies, we’ll need many more companies to be seizing these golden opportunities.”

Gwenaëlle Avice-Huet, Executive Vice-President of ENGIE & CEO of ENGIE North America, says, “Congratulations to today’s winners. As the leadership bar rises on renewable energy, we are excited to celebrate like-minded goals with each of you, and look forward to seeing what you have to offer the next year, and the years to come.”


Schneider Electric, Clean Energy Trailblazer – in partnership with DWS, recognizing the best examples of a company seizing opportunities right across the clean energy transition:

  • Aiming to be carbon neutral across its value chain by 2025, takes a three-pronged strategy across own operations (200 smart factories and 800 commercial and R&D sites), clients (a provider of innovative technologies to help digitize and minimize energy use and maximize renewable content – 120 million tCO2 saved in 2018-20), and developing communities;
  • A triple joiner of the Climate Group’s RE100EP100 and EV100 initiatives, demonstrating leadership on cleaner, smarter energy and electric vehicles.

Novo Nordisk, Most Collaborative Leader – in partnership with Enel Green Power, recognizing the best examples of a company sharing learnings with peers to enable a faster transition to 100% renewable electricity: 

  • Achieved 100% renewable electricity in global production earlier this year, after collaborating with like-minded partners on solutions for sites such as Tianjin, China;
  • Integrated annual reporting and on CDP’s Climate A list for the last four years.

Apple, Best Green Catalyst – recognizing the best examples of a company engaging suppliers to switch to renewable energy: 

  • Committed to transitioning entire supply chain to 100% renewable electricity by 2030, 71 manufacturing partners in 17 countries signed up to 100% renewable electricity for Apple production – saving over 14.3 million metric tons of CO2 equivalent annually, the equivalent of taking over 3 million cars off the road each year;
  • Advocates for supportive policies and access to cost-effective renewables in more challenging markets such as the Republic of Korea, Vietnam and Japan.

CHANEL, Best Community Changemaker – recognizing the best examples of a company generating wider benefits through renewable energy projects, such as new jobs or a reduction in local pollution: 

  • Partnered with Sunrun in 2019, investing US$35 million to bring free solar energy to nearly 30,000 residents in low income, multi-family accommodation in California (saving them US$600 on energy bills annually, around 5% of their income);
  • Over 20,000 hours of vocational training delivered to hundreds of people in low-income communities.

Salesforce, Best Policy Influencer – recognizing the best examples of a company seizing opportunities to bring about supportive policy changes on renewable electricity: 

  • Joined over 75 companies (many RE100 members) on Capitol Hill in a call for a price on carbon;
  • Engaged in utility resource planning and supported new emissions standards in Virginia, opposed the Atlantic Coast pipeline;
  • Signed the largest ever UN-backed CEO-led climate advocacy effort to urge governments to incorporate climate action in their economic recovery plans.

Most Impactful Pioneer – recognizing the best examples of a company bringing clean energy alternatives to areas previously dependent on fossil fuels:

Iron Mountain (joint Winner)

  • In 2019, constructed a 7.2 megawatts solar array in Edison, New Jersey – the largest data center roof-top solar system in the US and introduced the Green Power Pass, enabling Iron Mountain to pass renewable energy credits to clients collocated at the site and at every Iron Mountain Data Center around the world; 
  • Renewable program strategy includes a portfolio of solutions aimed at achieving 24/7, local renewable energy, including on-site renewable generation, local green power supply contracts and off-site virtual power purchase agreements (vPPAs). 

TSMC (joint Winner)

  • Taiwan’s largest purchaser of renewable electricity; collaborating to promote the domestic development of green energy;
  • Purchased renewable energy, renewable energy certificates, and carbon credits to 100% offset carbon dioxide emissions from the power used at all overseas sites;
  • Power purchase agreements (PPAs) for renewable energy total 1.2 gigawatts to date, including the world’s largest renewable corporate power purchase agreement (CPPA); leading the semiconductor industry towards renewable energy adoption.


More about our Partners

ENGIE North America – Headline Partner  ENGIE North America Inc. offers a range of capabilities in the United States and Canada to help customers decarbonize, decentralize and digitalize their operations. These include comprehensive services to help customers run their facilities more efficiently and optimize energy and other resource use and expense; clean power generation; energy storage; and retail energy supply that includes renewable, demand response, and on-bill financing options. Nearly 100% of the company’s power generation portfolio is low carbon or renewable. Globally, ENGIE S.A. relies on their key businesses (gas, renewable energy, services) to offer competitive solutions to customers. With 170,000 employees, customers, partners and stakeholders, we are a community of Imaginative Builders, committed every day to more harmonious progress.

Enel Green Power  The Category Partner for the Most Collaborative Leader Award is fast growing renewable energy company Enel Green Power. As part of the Enel Group, the company is driving the future of sustainable energy and aims to create shared value in the communities it operates, by combining the pursuit of its business with lasting contributions to socio-economic development.   

DWS  The Category Partner for the Clean Energy Trailblazer Award is leading green asset manager DWS. DWS offers individuals and institutions access to its strong investment capabilities across all major asset classes and solutions aligned to growth trends. The company’s diverse expertise, on-the-ground-knowledge, and deep environmental, social and governance focus guides its investment approach strategically. 

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