This report presents the successes achieved in corporate renewable power procurement while examining what the transition to a sustainable power system means for ambitious leadership in corporate renewable power procurement in the future.

It contains 3 sections:

      • Section 1: Corporate renewable power procurement is growing exponentially, recognizing the progress the private sector has made in driving the deployment of renewable power contracting and the diverse procurement strategies that are emerging;

      •  Section 2: Drivers of impactful corporate renewable power procurement are evolving, describing how corporate renewable power procurement drivers are evolving and what that means for decision-making; and

      •  Section 3: Diverse leadership approaches exist for companies to support a sustainable power system, summarizing the approaches that leading companies are adopting to raise the bar and how this is changing how all companies will show positive impact in power procurement this decade.

    This publication provides a high-level summary, directing professionals working in power procurement to additional in-depth content to enable further investigation into and the implementation of these strategies.

    It builds on a library of how-to guides that WBCSD and its members have co-written and released over the past seven years to increase the understanding and use of corporate renewable power procurement options. To read more of WBCSD how-to guidance on corporate renewable power procurement options, please visit the PPA webpage.

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