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The annual Buyers Bootcamp returns, offering an energy buyer-oriented safe space for companies to network and build out their knowledge on renewable energy sourcing. This year’s session is set to be bigger & better, with more breakout topics and a dedicated networking break. This is a great opportunity for energy buyers to learn from their peers on a range of topics, from early-stage procurement through to more advanced strategies. Content will include 24/7, PPA basics deep dive & scope 3.

Are you a green corporate buyer looking to make a significant impact in the renewable energy industry? Look no further than the RE-Source Event 2024. As the premier gathering in the renewables calendar, this event brings together buyers and sellers from across Europe, providing unparalleled opportunities to network, explore new partnerships, and seal groundbreaking deals.

Why you should participate:

Save time

Pre-arrange meetings with several partners of your choice in one day and one location.

Meet your needs

Communicate what you are looking for and find exactly what you need.

Start the conversation

Build meaningful connections to initiate conversation.

Create value

Help your company to meet its goals by finding the right partners to move your business forward together.


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"The B2B Matchmaking session was a great experience, which I’d highly recommend to anyone involved in RES sourcing – whether they’re a buyer or a seller. The format makes it very easy to break the ice, meet people, and establish contacts that can lead to RES sourcing possibilities. Overall, the RE-Source event is the perfect platform to facilitate co-operation between buyers and sellers of renewable energy. This is exactly the sort of co-operation we need to promote in order to decarbonize our economy."
Nicholas Bitsios
Head of Brussels Office, Mytilineos
"The B2B matchmaking is an excellent opportunity to (re-)connect with numerous key players in the renewable energy field in no time. A morning well-spent to extend our network, accelerating Borealis’ renewable electricity sourcing towards 100% by 2030"
Ouafik El Kasmioui
Group Sourcing Manager Energy & Utilities, Borealis
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“The organized B2B matchmakings were a very efficient and useful way to fill up our supplier base in a very short time. Besides that I also found the evening events extremely useful to deepen relationships with existing suppliers and project partners – it actually acted as a fabulous team building facilitating our first PPA signature.”
Sylvia Baumheier
Head of Global Energy Procurement, Covestro
Juan Pablo Telefonica
“The B2B Matchmaking has given Telefónica the opportunity to know more players in the renewable energy market, hence extending our competitive supplier network for future tenders.”
Juan Pablo Delgado Soots
Category Manager Energy, Telefónica Global Services GmbH
Hans Philips
"Appreciate the opportunity the RE-Source event offers to learn about the latest insights and developments in the renewables arena, and to combine this with the opportunity to extend and maintain my network.”
Hans Westerveld
Global Commodity Manager Energy, Royal Philips
Luca Pexapark
“I value the B2B Matchmaking as it saves us a tremendous amount of time and is a great tool especially for a first touch base.”
Luca Pedretti
COO & Co-Founder, Pexapark
Wilko WPD
“The direct personal exchange during the B2B Matchmaking has been a great opportunity for us to establish new business relationships and maintain existing contacts in the past years.”
Wilko Smidt
Head of PPA Origination, wpd
Lucas Solvay
"The B2B Matchmaking is one of most efficient platforms for making new connections with top notch energy experts from all around the world. It has become a yearly major rendez-vous for accelerating our green sourcing projects."
Lucas Fabre
Climate & Energy Transition, Solvay
“The B2B Matchmaking meetings were a good opportunity to get in touch with other professionals and discuss about green energy.”
Kim De Pauw
Category Buyer, DEME Group
Daan ICL
“I am impressed about the effectiveness of RE-Source 2020, given all corona virus restrictions, Despite the lack of face-to-face interactions between green energy suppliers and customers, the on-line conference platform offered innovative solutions to facilitate the B2B matchmaking process. I can look back at interesting discussions with new suppliers, resulting in business interactions afterwards.”
Daan van der Schroeff
Global Sourcing Manager, ICL Group
Paul Statkraft
“Alongside the panel discussions, the bilateral meetings (B to B Matchmaking) are an important opportunity to get in touch. We look forward to renewing and building new relationships with partners in 2021.”
Paul Giesbertz
Head Advisor Market Policies & Regulatory Affairs, Statkraft
Ekaterina - Lafarge
“The B2B meetings at RE-Source offered a great opportunity to meet a range of renewable energy developers. In the future, I would like to see more Eastern and Central Europe presence.”
Ekaterina Agoltsova
Strategic Sourcing Manager Energy Europe, LafargeHolcim
“The event helps connect key stakeholders, such as corporate buyers, developers, policy makers, to share thought leadership, do business development and drive the renewable industry forward together.”
Tatiana Chicu
Sr. Manager, Energy & Sustainability, Microsoft

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Victoria Angelova

Senior Business Development Officer at SolarPower Europe

Contact me with questions about the RE-Source Platform B2B Matchmaking.


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Philip Cole

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Rebekka Taylor

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Contact me with questions about the RE-Source Platform B2B Matchmaking.

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Lluis Manso

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